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It has been keenly observed that the rapidly changing lifestyle in our environment caused by stress, dietary habits (fast and refined) foods, sedentary lifestyles and increased alcohol intake, has brought in its wake a rapid rise in the incidence of non-communicable diseases and sudden deaths.

Acutely aware of this trend, EKO Hospital has set up the Centre to meet the requirements of diabetics and sufferers of other endocrinological problems such as thyroid, infertility, menstrual, obesity, pituitary malfunction, etc.


More specifically, the need for this Centre arose from the following observations made:

  • The increasing number of diabetic patients picked up routinely during Comprehensive Health Screening exercises carried out on patients¬†outpatient visits to the Hospital
  • Frequent referrals of diabetic and other endocrine disorders
  • Our policy of providing adequate health education with efficient, comprehensive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical services

It is a centre for the dissemination and sharing of information as well as screening and treating of patients so as to achieve an improved quality of life as well as longer life expectancy.

EKO Hospital has a highly-qualified and highly-skilled team of endocrinologists and support staff to meet this challenge.