For online enquiry, please send an email to : info@ekocorpplc.com


If you have any emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us using our emergency number below : 080-608-349-49 or 01-271-6997


Ikeja : 080-608-349-49, 01-271-6997
Surulere : 080-232-896-43
Ikoyi Clinic : 081-803-921-48

sl-1-300x136Eko Hospital Limited was itself a successor to Mercy Specialist Clinic, which had operated successfully between 1977 and 1982. the practice has been growing in bounds due to the total commitment and dedication of the partners and staff and the high level of reputation and customer goodwill enjoyed. With a four storey (40 bed capacity clinic situated at Ebute-Meta, Lagos in 1977, the company has grown into a multi-service and multi-location hospital with operations in Ikeja, Ikoyi, Central Lagos, Surulere, etc. to cover the entire Lagos area.

The EKPOCORP PLC, an acronym of the first letters of the founder’s surnames in alphabetical order i.e. “E” for ENELI, (Dr. A.C Eneli, deceased), “K” for KUKU (Dr. S.F. Kuku) and “O” for OBIORA (Mr. A.A.A Obiora) is a successor to Eko Hospital limited established in 1982 as a Joint Medical Practice patterned after both a teaching hospital as a Medical Center.

In 1988, a Management Agreement was signed between Eko Hospital, Ikeja Ltd. And the Eko Hospital Limited whereby Eko Hospital Limited, was to manage Eko Hospital Limited. In 1988 the management agreement culminated into the sales of all assets and liabilities of Eko Hospital Ikeja to Eko Hospital Limited. In compliance with the Companied and Allied Matter Decree 1990, the company by a special resolution passed in 1991 was re-registered as a Public Limited Liability Company (PLC), by a Board resolution in 1994 and approved at the Annual General Meeting; the Eko Hospital Plc was changed to Ekocorp Plc.

The Hospital has grown in leaps and bounds within twenty-five years. Today’s, there are two full-fledged hospitals located at Ikeja & Surulere in Lagos. The ikeja facility is a private teaching hospital of 130 beds and state of the art equipment. It is a tertiary institution with a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic equipments. The Surulere hospital is a 40 bed Secondary healthcare facility. A third hospital is currently under construction at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. A diagnostic centre and Clinic is operational in Ikoyi of Lagos.

 The philosophy of the multi-hospital group is to provide excellent medical care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Today, the hospital has undergone significant transformation, as it is the only publicly quoted hospital business in Nigeria Stock Exchange under the auspices of the name EKOCORP PLC. The company enjoys tremendous goodwill and occupies an enviable position as a market leader in private hospital market sector.